Woodrow Anderson
Raymond Allen Uncle Woody
Raymond Allen played the part of Uncle Woodrow on "Sanford and Son" from 1973-1977, replacing DeForest Covan after one episode.
Vital Information
Gender: Male
Hardware store owner
long-suffering, often hard-drinking husband of Esther Anderson
Family and Personal Information
Related to: Esther Anderson (wife)
Daniel Anderson (adopted son)
Clifford Anderson (son, presumed)
Fred Sanford (brother in-law)
Lamont Sanford (nephew)
Character information
Appeared on: Sanford and Son
Episodes appeared in: 9 episodes, beginng with Aunt Esther and Uncle Woodrow Pfftt... (#3.22) in Season 3
Character played by: Raymond Allen
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Woodrow "Woody" Anderson was Aunt Esther's long-suffering, prone to drink husband on the NBC-TV sitcom series Sanford and Son.

About WoodrowEdit

Woodrow, or "Woody", owned a hardware store not far from the Sanford and Son Salvage Yard, and was generally a good-natured soul who often hit the bottle to sometimes escape the rantings and ravings of Bible-thumping, loudmouthed, sometimes domineering religious wife Esther.

Woody later repented of his boozing ways later in the series as both his and Esther's characters were developed, even to the point where they were able to adopt an orphaned teen son named Daniel, who was played by actor Eric Laneuville. The role of Woodrow was originally played by veteran black actor and former black vaudeville entertainer DeForest Covan, who was replaced after one episode by Raymond Allen in 1973, who then assumed the part for the rest of the show's run.