Winston Edwards
Snobbish Winston Edwards is the brother of Eve, Fred's new love interest on the Sanford TV series during the show's first season.
Vital Information
Gender: Male
Investment banker
Snobbish brother of Evelyn "Eve" Lewis, Fred's new girlfriend/fiancee on series, who disproves of Fred
Family and Personal Information
Related to: Evelyn Lewis (sister)
Cissy Lewis (niece)
Character information
Appeared on: Sanford
Episodes appeared in: 13 episodes
Character played by: Percy Rodrigues
Sanford and Son retro Wiki Script

Winston Edwards was the brother of Evelyn "Eve" LewisFred's new girlfriend in Season 1 of the Sanford TV series during the show's first season. The part of Winston was played by veteran stage/film and TV actor and voice over performer Percy Rodrigues, who also appeared in the Season 5 Sanford and Son episode titled "The Olympics", where he appears as Lou Turner, a patient of Fred's then-girlfriend Donna who vies for her affections with Fred.  

About WinstonEdit

In the opening episode of Sanford, Winston and Fred immediately did not exactly hit it off; the snobbish Winston, who visited Eve to borrow a "small loan" of $1000 to replenish his "depleted cash flow", laughed at the concept of Eve dating a common junk man such as, "Junkford", which he mistakenly calls Fred upon their greeting!