"We Were Robbed"
Season One, Episode ##6
Number (#6) in series (136 episodes)
Air date February 18, 1972
Network NBC-TV
Production code 106
Written by: Aaron Ruben, based on "T.B. or Not T.B." by Ray Galton and Alan Simpson
Directed by: Coby Ruskin
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"A Matter of Life and Breath" "A Pad for Lamont"

We Were Robbed was the sixth episode of Sanford and Son. It premiered February 11, 1972. Based on "T.B. or Not T.B." by Ray Galton and Alan Simpson.


To cover-up his careless destruction of Lamont's prized porcelain and glass collection, Fred stages a fake robbery where he then claims that their home was burglarized. Naturally, Lamont (Demond Wilson) calls the cops; when their friends, LAPD officers Smitty (Hal Williams) and Swanny (Noam Pitlik) arrive, Fred makes a tall tale taller by improvising an account of his heroics when confronted by the thieves. Eventually, Lamont learns the truth, and craftily arranges for Fred to be hoist on his own petard.ased on "Robbery with Violence" by Ray Galton and Alan Simpson.

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