"TV or Not TV"
Season One, Episode ##11
Number (#11) in series (136 episodes)
Air date March 24, 1972
Network NBC-TV
Production code 111
Written by Aaron Ruben
Directed by Peter Baldwin
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"The Barracuda" "The Suitcase Case"

TV or Not TV was the eleventh episode of Sanford and Son. It premiered March 24, 1972. Based on "The Colour Problem", an old episode of the British series Steptoe and Son which was written by series creators Ray Galton and Alan Simpson.


In desperate need of a new color television, Fred becomes upset when Lamont decides to spend the money instead on a new car, a convertible. Lamont has a change of heart, however, when Fred wanders away from home and is taken to the hospital - with an apparent case of amnesia, diagnosed by an ear, nose and throat doctor (Peter Bonerz). Also guest starring Slappy White as Melvin, Fred's TV viewing buddy.

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