Smoked Boston Pork Butt

Smoked Boston Purk Butt.

Smoked pork butt is a cut of [pork that comes from the upper part of the shoulder from the front leg and may contain the blade bone.[1] Smoked Boston butt, which is then pulled from the bone and served with or in a spicy sauce is what is commonly referred to in the American Deep South as Barbecue. In the Sanford and Son episode titled The Way to Lamont's Heart in Season 3, a rejected ex-girlfriend of Lamont named Judy (Judy Pace) attempts to woo Lamont back by prepare a smoked port butt, which she brings to Grady, who has the impression that it was made with him in mind.

References Edit

  1. Cuts: Shoulder, by National Pork Board,, first accessed 16 October 2009.

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