Skeeter Matthews
Skeeter Matthews
Thalmus Rasulala as Skeeter, in the episode "The Card Sharps", in the episode titled "The Card Sharps" in Season 2, the second of two Sanford and Son appearances.
Vital Information
Gender: Male
He was one of three card shark swindlers Lamont met who were trying to con him at poker
Family and Personal Information
Related to: "Ugly" Herbert Matthews (father)
Character information
Character played by: Ron Glass in the Season 2 episode "The Card Sharps"
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Skeeter Matthews was a card hustler buddy of Lamont's who appears in the episode titled The Card Sharps (Season 2, Episode #6), The part of Skeeter was played by actor Thalmus Rasulala, who also appears on Sanford and Son as a Heart Fund door-to-door donation man in in the episode titled Fred's Cheating Heart (Season 3, Episode #17).

About SkeeterEdit

When it turns out that Skeeter, who is the son of a neighbor of the Sanfords, "Ugly" Arthur Matthews and his wife, and who, according to the Sanfords, is also an ex-con and a hustler and thief, was, along with buddies Hucklebuck and Rooster was cheating Lamont in a poker game by dealing from the bottom of the deck, he and his buddies have the tables turned on them when Fred, with the use some special see-thru bifocals, have all of their winnings, Lamont's losses, and the flashy duds on their backs, taken from them! When Lamont returns after just several minutes to the junkyard from a grocery store beer and refreshment run to see all the money and clothes Fred won, Skeeter, who along with Rooster and Hucklebuck quickly leave embarassed, only greets Lamont, whose name he never could get right, with a quick "See Ya' Later, Lucas!"