Sheik Aram
Ross Martin-Sheik Aram-Sanford and Son
Ross Martin appeared as Arab oil baron Aram in the Sanford and Son episode titled "California Crude" (#5.23).
Vital Information
Ethnicity Middle Eastera/Arab
Wealthy oil baron who assays the property of the Sanford junkyard when the ground strikes crude oil
Family and Personal Information
Character information
Appeared on: Sanford and Son
Episodes appeared in: "California Crude" (#5.23).
Character played by: Ross Martin
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Aram was a wealthy Saudi Arabian oil baron who appeared in the episode of Sanford and Son titled "California Crude" in Season 5 (#5.23).of the series. The part of Sheik Aram is played in the episode by veteran TV actor Ross Martin, who co-starred with Robert Conrad on the CBS-TV series Wild, Wlld West.

About AramEdit

In the episode "California Crude", when Fred and Lamont discovered orl while digging in digging a garden, they contact an oil company which produces gasoline; they meet Aram, the owner of the corporation, who has assayers inspect the oll from the garden.

When a second oil sample turns out to be sludge after the first quart was crude, an angry Fred, who thought he had a "handshake" deal with Aram, reminds him of it; when Aram responds, "Alas, I am not familiar with the customs of your country!", Fred puts up a fist and says "Maybe I should introduce you with the customs of the big five!!"