Sgt. John Lawson
Sgt. John Lawson
Sgt. Lawson, Janet's ex-husband, played by James A. Watson in the episode "When John Comes Marching Home" in Season 6.
Vital Information
Gender: Male
SGT (E-5), U.S. Army
Returns to Watts to reclaim Janet, who is engaged to Lamont
Family and Personal Information
Related to: Roger Lawson (son)
Janet Lawson (ex-wife)
Mrs. Gordon (ex mother-in-law)
Mr. Gordon (ex-father-in-law, not mentioned on series)
Character information
Episodes appeared in: "When John Comes Marching Home" (Season 6)
Character played by: James A. Watson
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Sgt. John Lawson is a character who appears in the Season 6 episode of Sanford and Son titled "When John Comes Marching Home". The part of John Lawson is played in the episode by James A. Watson.

About JohnEdit

In his only episode appearance, Sgt. Lawson, the ex-husband of Janet, Lamont's fiancee, returns to Watts to try to reconcile with Janet, unaware that she is engaged to be married to Lamont. when he arrives at Janet's doorstep, he takes her and their son Roger by surprise.

Later, John drops by the Sanford junkyard to try to have a talk with Lamontl when Fred tells him that he is out, he tells Fred to have Lamont meet him at Kelly's Bar later that evening.

Lamont and John Lawson

Lamont meets John at Kelly's Bar, then, reminiscing over common love interest Janet, they get drunk.

When Lamont meets him at the bar, and finds out that the soldier he met is Janet's ex, the two, both in love with Janet, begin toasing her, as they proceed to get drunk.

The next day, when Lamont is badly hung over, he tells Fred, who didn't know John's true identity, that he was Janet's ex-husband, and came back to reclaim her. Fred, being one who just can't resist to meddle in Lamont's affairs, decides to high tail it over to Janet's to have a talk with her while Lamont decides to rest in bed and recover from his hangover.

When Fred arrives at Janet's, John is there, also hungover badly on the couch waiting for her; confused Fred for her as Fred, who brought a bouquet of flowers, uses them to promptly hit John with it, in doing so calling him "A G.I. gigolo!"

John tries to explain to Fred his intentions with Janet, and that if she didn't want to reconcile with him, and wanted to marry Lamont he would just "wish them good luck, and just ship out!"

Anyhow, John's presence made both Lamont, who was beginning to have doubts about marrying and supporting a family, and Janet, who was confused and torn between her love for Lamont and John, reconsider their ralationship as they mutually call of their marriage and end their engagement.