"Sanford and Son and Sister Makes Three"
Season Two, Episode ##11
Number (#25) in series (136 episodes)
Air date December 1, 1972
Network NBC-TV
Production code 213
Written by: Richard Pryor & Paul Mooney
Directed by: Rick Edelstein
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"Blood Is Thicker Than Junk" "A Guest in the Yard"

Sanford and Son and Sister Makes Three was the 25th episode of Sanford and Son. Also the 11th episode of the series' second season, it premiered December 1, 1972.


A husband-seeking old flame named Juanita (Ja'net Dubois) of Fred's returns with a shocking revelation about her daughter Alice (Emily Yancy), who has sparked a flaming passion in Lamont's heart. Fred, however, panics when his son Lamont (Demond Wilson) starts to fall in love with Alice, whom Juanita, in hopes to lure Fred into rekindling their one-time romance, gets Fred to believe, is his daughter, just before she and Alice get ready to prepare a special dinner, "which Juanita believes, is the way to a man's heart"!

Things really start to get tense at the dinner table, when tempers flare between Fred and Juanita, who tries to get Fred to talk about the issue with Alice possibly being his daughter "some other time!", When Fred, who does not like to be talked down to harshly by a woman when he is eating, lets her know this, this apparently brings back old fire which possibly wrecked their onetime relationship. The evening culminates with all four arguing, with Alice calling Lamont a "creep", Juanita calling both Fred and Lamont a pair of creeps, the girls storming out of the junkyard, and Fred throwing back a smoking jacket which Juanita brought him as a gift with him saying "Here! and take back this faggoty jacket!"

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