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This was the last season to use the original opening sequence, where Fred walks to the chair to sit and read a newspaper, it was used since Season 1.

Sanford and Son episodesEdit

Season Episodes Originally aired DVD release date
Season premiere Season finale
Season 1 14 January 14, 1972 April 14, 1972 August 6, 2002
Season 2 24 September 15, 1972 March 16, 1973 February 4, 2003
Season 3 24 September 14, 1973 March 29, 1974 October 7, 2003
Season 4 25 September 13, 1974 April 25, 1975 March 30, 2004
Season 5 24 September 12, 1975 March 19, 1976 September 14, 2004
    Season 6 24 September 24, 1976 March 25, 1977 June 7, 2005

Season 4: 1974–75 episode summaryEdit

Season 4
No. in series Episode # Title Directed by Written by Original Airdate Prod. Code
63 1 "The Surprise Party" Norman Abbott Saul Turteltaub and Bernie Orenstein September 13, 1974 409
Fred returns from St. Louis to a welcome home surprise party. Lamont must exercise diplomacy and peacekeeping after he bruises the feelings of both Fred and Grady.
64 2 "Matchmaker, Matchmaker" Bill Foster Jerry Ross September 20, 1974 407
Lamont stands to inherit $7,000 if within a year he marries and has a son named after his late uncle George. Fred sees dollar signs, so he and Grady set to making marriage bells ring by turning to a computer dating service.
65 3 "Ol' Brown Eyes is Back" Bill Foster Rick Mittleman September 27, 1974 406
Fred is celebrating 35 years in the junk business and snoops and finds his intended gift: a signet ring with his initials on it that Rollo got for a good price. Then Fred learns that among the items recently stolen from Frank Sinatra's hotel room was an initialed signet ring.
66 4 "Grady and His Lady" Stan Lathan Gene Farmer October 4, 1974 408
Fred fears wedding bells will break up his beautiful friendship after Grady announces he's engaged to Dolly, so Fred plots to puncture the romance.
67 5 "There'll Be Some Changes Made" Norman Abbott Jerry Ross and Earl Pomerantz October 11, 1974 404
Lamont moves out after a fight with Fred, but Fred lures his son back by agreeing to allow Lamont's eccentric encounter group to hold its meeting in their home. This episode introduces the recurring character Ah Chew.
68 6 "Going Out of Business" Norman Abbott Saul Turteltaub and Bernie Orenstein October 18, 1974 405
To get a better tax break and increase their income, Lamont gets a job as a clerk at a haberdashery and Fred considers closing down Sanford & Son.
69 7 "Home Sweet Home" Norman Abbott Ted Bergmann October 25, 1974 411
A Japanese real estate firm wants to buy and tear down all the properties on the Sanfords' block in order to build a brewery.
70 8 "My Kingdom For a Horse" Bill Foster Arnie Rosen November 1, 1974 410
Fred buys a retired thoroughbred racehorse, betting on a big profit after selling him as a breeding stud.
71 9 "Sanford and Niece" Norman Abbott Saul Turteltaub and Bernie Orenstein November 8, 1974 412
Fred's tender side is stirred when his niece Elizabeth comes to visit and bears a striking resemblance to his late wife.
72 10 "Julio and Sister and Nephew" Alan Rafkin Saul Turteltaub and Bernie Orenstein November 15, 1974 414
Allergic to Chico the goat, Julio's sister and young nephew stay with the Sanfords. Controversy arises when young Roberto is placed down a grade in school because of his poor English skills.
73 11 "Fred's Treasure Garden" Herbert Kenwith Ilunga Adell November 29, 1974 401
Among the vegetables growing in Grady's garden is "wild parsley," only Lamont and Rollo recognize it by a different name: marijuana!
74 12 "Tower Power" Bill Foster Calvin Kelly December 6, 1974 416
A visit to a gallery of abstract art inspires Fred to create his magnum opus: a towering heap of junk.
75 13 "A Little Extra Security" Herbert Kenwith Saul Turteltaub and Bernie Orenstein December 13, 1974 403
Grady receives an extra Social Security check by mistake and wastes no time celebrating his windfall, but the wind falls from his sails when he learns Mr. Hastings from the Social Security office is on his way over to the house.
76 14 "The Merger" Bill Foster Jerry Ross December 20, 1974 415
The Sanfords and Julio agree to merge their competing junkyards and bank on business booming after they broadcast a television commercial.
77 15 "Once a Thief" Herbert Kenwith Winston Moss December 27, 1974 402
Grady gets uptight when Lamont brings his ex-convict friend Herman home to stay until he can find a job.
78 16 "The Stand-In" Bill Foster Saul Turteltaub and Bernie Orenstein January 17, 1975 420
The Sanfords welcome Fred's buddies Bow Legs and Al, who are bringing their song, dance and comedy act to an LA nightclub. When Al hurts his back, Fred and Lamont step up and step out in this revue episode highlighted by Billy Eckstine singing "Jelly Jelly."
79 17 "Strange Bedfellows" Norman Abbott Ted Bergmann January 24, 1975 413
Praise for Lamont's impassioned call into a radio political program sparks him to run for the state assembly. Will it be Mr. Sanford goes to Sacramento?
80 18 "The Masquerade Party" Norman Abbott Teleplay by

Ted Bergman Story by Redd Foxx

January 31, 1975 418
In this spoof of "Let's Make a Deal," Fred, Grady and Bubba appear as contestants on "Wheel and Deal," hoping to win a new car as a birthday present for Lamont.
81 19 "Golden Boy" Norman Abbott George Yanok and Bob Garland February 7, 1975 419
Fred hopes to get rich quick by becoming co-owner of a boxer dubbed Junior Joe Louis. It then becomes Fred and Grady's job to get Junior into fighting shape before Friday's bout.
82 20 "My Brother-in-Law's Keeper" Norman Abbott Ted Bergmann February 14, 1975 417
Fred is bothered and bewildered by his baby sister's marriage to a white man.
83 21 "The Headache" Bill Foster Arnie Rosen February 21, 1975 421
Lamont's headache drives him to the psychologist's couch, where it is suggested the pain in Lamont's head is caused by the pain in the neck he lives with.
84 22 "The Stung" Alan Rafkin George Yanok and Bob Garland February 28, 1975 423
Tired of Lamont telling him he's a loser at cards, Fred and his professional gambler friend play a prank on Lamont and his poker pals. But will Fred be left holding the dead man's hand?
85 23 "The Older Woman" Alan Rafkin Ted Bergmann March 7, 1975 422
Fred and Grady don disguises to discover the cougar who has her claws in Lamont's heart.
86 24 "The Over-the-Hill Gag" Stan Lathan Matt Robinson March 14, 1975 501
Lamont misunderstands the doctor and believes Fred has only six months to live and lavishes love and kindness upon him. Fred's content to ride the gravy train, though it may land him in the soup.
87 25 "The Family Man" Bud Yorkin Saul Turteltaub and Bernie Orenstein April 25, 1975 424
The story of Grady and his eyebrow-raising gift to his daughter and son-in-law just before their cocktail party for stuffy university professors.