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Sanford and Son episodesEdit

Season Episodes Originally aired DVD release date
Season premiere Season finale
Season 1 14 January 14, 1972 April 14, 1972 August 6, 2002
Season 2 24 September 15, 1972 March 16, 1973 February 4, 2003
Season 3 24 September 14, 1973 March 29, 1974 October 7, 2003
Season 4 25 September 13, 1974 April 25, 1975 March 30, 2004
Season 5 24 September 12, 1975 March 19, 1976 September 14, 2004
    Season 6 24 September 24, 1976 March 25, 1977 June 7, 2005

Season 2: 1972–73Edit

Season 2
No. in series No. in season Title Directed by Written by Original air date Production code
15 1 "By the Numbers" Peter Baldwin Terry Ryan September 15, 1972 203
Freeloading family and friends flock to fleece the golden sheep when Fred plays the numbers.
16 2 "Whiplash" Rick Edelstein Allan Katz and Don Reo September 22, 1972 205
Fred's fine following his fender bender with a Cadillac, but Bubba convinces him to claim whiplash and then lay claim to a gold mine in monetary damages.
17 3 "The Dowry" Jack Shea Richard Pryor & Paul Mooney September 29, 1972 207
Cousin Grady's overweight stepdaughter stands to receive a $10,000 dowry on her wedding day, which sets Fred to playing matchmaker with Lamont.
18 4 "Jealousy" Jack Shea Everett Greenbaum & Jim Fritzell October 6, 1972 208
When Donna said she would be bringing a patient to dinner, Fred didn't expect the spry and sophisticated Osgood Wilcox.
19 5 "Tooth or Consequences" Peter Baldwin Ilunga Adell with Ray Galton & Alan Simpson October 13, 1972 209

After all else fails, fraidy-cat Fred finally agrees to see a dentist for his toothache.

20 6 "The Card Sharps" Peter Baldwin Aaron Ruben October 27, 1972 204
Lamont won't heed Fred's warnings that he's being played for a sucker by some canny card sharps. Based on "Full House" by Ray Galton and Alan Simpson.
Note: Thalmus Rasulala, Ron Glass, and David Moses all guest star.
21 7 "Have Gun, Will Sell" Rick Edelstein Ilunga Adell with Ray Galton & Alan Simpson November 3, 1972 206
After Fred and Lamont scare away a burglar, they realize that he left his gun at their house. Lamont and Rollo then pressure Fred into going to a pawn shop to try and sell the gun.
22 8 "The Puerto Ricans Are Coming!" Peter Baldwin Allan Katz & Don Reo November 10, 1972 211
Fred's fighting mad to find that his new neighbor is a Puerto Rican man with a goat.
23 9 "The Shootout" Peter Baldwin Allan Katz & Don Reo November 17, 1972 210
Lamont brings home an antique Revolutionary War rifle and Fred finds out whether it can still fire after 200 years.
24 10 "Blood Is Thicker Than Junk" Peter Baldwin Allan Katz and Don Reo November 24, 1972 202

After a nasty spat Sanford and Son split up. Fred hires a new man to replace Lamont, who signs on to work with a competing junk dealer.

Note: Roger E. Mosley (later of Magnum P.I. fame) guest stars.

25 11 "Sanford and Son and Sister Makes Three" Rick Edelstein Richard Pryor & Paul Mooney December 1, 1972 213
A husband-seeking old flame of Fred's returns with a shocking revelation about her daughter, who has sparked a flaming passion in Lamont's heart.
26 12 "A Guest in the Yard" Jack Shea Ilunga Adell December 8, 1972 215
Fred and Lamont discover that no good deed goes unpunished when the homeless man they help plays the Sanfords for suckers, resisting their every effort to throw him out.
27 13 "Fred & Carol & Fred & Donna" Rick Edelstein Lloyd Garver & Ken Hecht December 15, 1972 214
Two-timing Fred's in the soup when he accidentally double books his dining room table by inviting both his fiancée Donna and the attractive saleswoman Carol over for supper on the same evening.
28 14 "The Light Housekeeper" Peter Baldwin Teleplay by:

Lee Kalcheim and Aaron Ruben

Story by: Lee Kalcheim

December 22, 1972 201

Lamont hires a housekeeper named Mary, but Fred isn't wild about her being white.
Note: Mary Wickes guest stars in this episode.

29 15 "The Big Party" Jack Shea Teleplay by: Odie Hawkins & Aaron RubenStory by: Odie Hawkins January 5, 1973 216
Behind on their bills, Fred and Lamont look to raise money by throwing a house party and charging admission.
30 16 "A Visit from Lena Horne" Jack Shea Allan Katz & Don Reo January 12, 1973 212
Fast-thinking Fred fools Lena Horne into visiting the Sanford home after he spins her a sob story about little lame Lamont who looks upon Lena as a second mother.
31 17 "Lamont Goes African" Jack Shea Ilunga Adell January 19, 1973 217
Lamont looks to reinvent himself by adopting an African name and lifestyle.
32 18 "Watts Side Story" Jack Shea Lloyd Garver & Ken Hecht January 26, 1973 218
Lamont just met a girl named Maria, but she's Julio's Puerto Rican sister, and the possibility of an interracial romance ruffles the feathers of both Fred and Mrs. Fuentes.
33 19 "The Infernal Triangle" Sid McCoy Aaron Ruben February 2, 1973 220
Fred announces his engagement to Judy, a woman young enough to have been his daughter-in-law, who is also Lamont's ex-girlfriend. Based on "Two's Company" by Ray Galton and Alan Simpson
34 20 "Pops 'n' Pals" Rick Edelstein Allan Katz & Don Reo February 9, 1973 219
Jealous of Lamont's friendship with Julio, Fred tries to be a buddy to his son.
35 21 "Home Sweet Home for The Aged" Peter Baldwin Aaron Ruben February 16, 1973 221
Before setting off to sail the world aboard a tramp steamer, Lamont must convince Fred to move into a retirement home. Based on "Homes Fit for Heroes" by Ray Galton and Alan Simpson.
36 22 "Pot Luck" Peter Baldwin Aaron Ruben February 23, 1973 222
Lamont takes advantage of an ignorant seller and buys an antique commode for $20, greedily anticipating reselling it for a tremendous profit. Based on "The Three Feathers" by Ray Galton and Alan Simpson.
37 23 "The Kid" Jack Shea Everett Greenbaum & Jim Fritzell March 9, 1973 223
A lonely latchkey kid stows away on Lamont's truck and spends a day with the Sanfords.
38 24 "Rated X" Peter Baldwin Ilunga Adell March 16, 1973 224
Fred tags along to a movie casting call that Lamont and Rollo hope will make them respected black actors, not suspecting this film is blue.