This episode guide for Season One of Sanford and Son lists all of the episodes that aired for the first time on NBC-TV for the first season of the series, which began with the airing of the pilot episode, ''Crossed Swords", which marked the series premiere, which aired in the middle of the 1971-72 television season.

Season summary Edit

Sanford and Son episodesEdit

Season Episodes Originally aired DVD release date
Season premiere Season finale
Season 1 14 January 14, 1972 April 14, 1972 August 6, 2002
Season 2 24 September 15, 1972 March 16, 1973 February 4, 2003
Season 3 24 September 14, 1973 March 29, 1974 October 7, 2003
Season 4 25 September 13, 1974 April 25, 1975 March 30, 2004
Season 5 24 September 12, 1975 March 19, 1976 September 14, 2004
    Season 6 24 September 24, 1976 March 25, 1977 June 7, 2005

Season 1: 1972Edit

Season 1
No. in series No. in season Title Directed by Written by Original air date Production code
1 1 "Crossed Swords" Bud Yorkin Aaron Ruben January 14, 1972 101
Lamont buys a porcelain figure for $15 from a silent movie star. After having it appraised, Lamont and Fred decide to sell it at an auction. They attend the auction pretending to be buyers to bid the price even higher. However, things go awry to Lamont's dismay. The first of 16 stories adapted from Steptoe and Son based on the same title by Ray Galton and Alan Simpson.
2 2 "Happy Birthday, Pop" Bud Yorkin Aaron Ruben January 21, 1972 102
During his birthday celebration, Fred is overwhelmed by a visit to a fancy bar, a movie theater to see Fiddler on the Roof, and dinner at a Chinese restaurant. Based on "Sixty-Five Today" by Ray Galton and Alan Simpson.
3 3 "Here Comes the Bride, There Goes the Bride" Bud Yorkin Aaron Ruben January 28, 1972 103
Lamont is excited about his upcoming wedding, but on the big day he quickly finds himself the only one who is. The bride dumps him at the altar, and his relatives beg to get back their wedding gifts. Based on "And Afterwards At..." by Ray Galton and Alan Simpson.
4 4 "The Copper Caper" Bud Yorkin Aaron Ruben February 4, 1972 104
Fred and Lamont buy a load of copper from a man who has been stealing it from people in the neighborhood. Based on "The Lead Man Cometh" by Ray Galton and Alan Simpson.
5 5 "A Matter of Life and Breath" George Tyne Aaron Ruben February 11, 1972 105
Concerned about his father's smoker's cough, Lamont brings Fred in for a free tuberculosis screening at the American Lung Association's Breathmobile. The test results take his breath away. Based on "T.B. or Not T.B." by Ray Galton and Alan Simpson.
6 6 "We Were Robbed" Coby Ruskin Aaron Ruben February 18, 1972 106
O, what a tangled web Fred weaves when he fakes a robbery to cover-up his careless destruction of Lamont's prized porcelain and glass collection. Based on "Robbery with Violence" by Ray Galton and Alan Simpson.
7 7 "A Pad for Lamont" Bob LaHendro Aaron Ruben February 25, 1972 107
Fed up with his father frustrating his love life, Lamont strikes out on his own and rents a swingin' bachelor pad. Based on "A Box in Town" by Ray Galton and Alan Simpson.
8 8 "The Great Sanford Siege" Peter Baldwin Aaron Ruben March 3, 1972 108
The Sanfords haven't been paying their bills and now find themselves trapped in their home in a standoff with a process server and a collection agency ready to repossess their unpaid furniture. Based on "The Siege of Steptoe Street" by Ray Galton and Alan Simpson.
9 9 "Coffins for Sale" Charles S. Dubin Aaron Ruben March 10, 1972 109
Lamont's keeping a pair of coffins in the living room spooks superstitious Fred. Based on "The Wooden Overcoats" by Ray Galton and Alan Simpson.
10 10 "The Barracuda" Charles S. Dubin Aaron Ruben March 17, 1972 110
Fred's in love and engaged to be married, but not if Lamont can help it. Based on "The Stepmother" by Ray Galton and Alan Simpson.
11 11 "TV or Not TV" Peter Baldwin Aaron Ruben March 24, 1972 111
In need of a new color television, Fred is upset when Lamont decides to spend the money instead on a new car. Lamont has a change of heart, however, when Fred wanders away from home and is taken to the hospital - with an apparent case of amnesia. Based on "The Colour Problem" by Ray Galton and Alan Simpson.
12 12 "The Suitcase Case" Peter Baldwin Everett Greenbaum & Jim Fritzell March 31, 1972 112
Lamont's daily haul of junk includes a tattered briefcase stuffed with stolen cash. Will Fred and Lamont decide whether to keep it or turn it over to the police before the crook it belongs to comes looking for it?
13 13 "The Return of The Barracuda" Peter Baldwin Aaron Ruben April 7, 1972 113
Fred and Donna kiss and make up, sparking Lamont to hatch new plans for putting the kibosh on Cupid.
14 14 "The Piano Movers" Bruce Bilson Aaron Ruben April 14, 1972 114
It's putting the match to the powder keg when rough and tumble Fred and Lamont are engaged to remove a piano from the lavish Beverly Hills apartment of a cultured antiques collector. Based on "The Piano" by Ray Galton and Alan Simpson.