Sanford and Son is a business on the NBC sitcom of the same name. Sanford and Son is run by Fred G. Sanford and his son, Lamont Sanford. Fred often addressed the business as "the empire", Lamont tended to call it "the junkyard", and others usually referred to it as "Fred Sanford's junkyard." The business was located at 9114 South Central Avenue in the Watts neighborhood of South Central Los Angeles. The business made approximately US$4,000 every year.

Roles of the partners Edit

Although the actual business structure was never stated, Sanford and Son appears to be a partnership, with Lamont and Fred each owning half. However, Fred is the boss of the company, with official title President; Lamont's official title is Vice President, or VP. Fred "coordinates" all day, staying at the store. Fred's "coordination" usually consists of watching TV all day or playing checkers with Grady Wilson. Lamont, travels in their truck, looking for junk to buy and take to the store. Most of the junk is sold in the store, but Fred and Lamont occasionally sell their junk in other places (e.g. antique shops, auctions).