"Sanford and Gong"
Season Six, Episode ##14
Number (#125) in series (136 episodes)
Air date December 17, 1976
Network NBC-TV
Production code 611
Written by Saul Turteltaub and Bernie Orenstein
Directed by Bill Foster
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"Aunt Esther Meets Her Son" "Fred Meets Redd"

Sanford and Gong was the 125th overall episode of Sanford and Son. Also the 14th episode of Season Six, it first aired on NBC-TV on December 17, 1976.

Episode synopsisEdit

Fred, Lamont, Donna and Bubba attend a taping of "The Gong Show" and are inspired to audition as contestants, bringing their musical act onto the show.

Episode summaryEdit

Chuck Barris guest-stars in this zany episode, wherein Fred and his cronies are booked to appear on The Gong Show. Unfortunately for Fred, his wise-guy brother-in-law Rodney Victor (Allan Drake) is slated to appear on the same show -- and fully intends to win the grand prize. A last-minute plot wrinkle results in a hilarious song-and-dance performed con brio by Fred, Lamont (Demond Wilson), and Bubba (Don Bexley).

Note: Jack DeLeon appears as Sven. Sid McCoy and Renny Roker both appear as customers. Roy Stuart makes his 3rd and final appearance as Barton, and Paul Ziegler appears as Charley. Tracee Lyles, Al Hansen and Bob Goldstein all appear as "Gong Show" panelists

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