Sanford TV series Season Two episodesEdit

  • Ep = Episode number within the season
  • No. = Overall episode number


[edit]Season 2: 1981Edit

Episode No. in series Title Directed by Written by Original air date
1 15 "Here Comes the Bride: Part 1" Jim Drake Phil Doran,

Sy Rosen

9 January 1981
Aunt Esther returns and moves in with Fred to watch over Cliff. Cal discovers that due to an error on Fred's marriage license, Fred was actually long ago legally wed to Esther.
2 16 "Here Comes the Bride: Part 2" Jim Drake Phil Doran,

Sy Rosen, Bob Schiller, Bob Weiskopf

9 January 1981
Fred, Esther and Cal drive to Fremont, Missouri seeking a divorce, but must first plead their case before the county's irascible old judge, who is resistant to tearing asunder what God joined together.
3 17 "Fred Has the Big One" Jim Drake Douglas Arango,

Phil Doran

16 January 1981
After years of crying wolf, Fred suffers an actual heart attack.
4 18 "Cal the Coward" Jim Drake J. Stanford Parker 23 January 1981
When a pair of crooks threaten Fred and Cal at gunpoint, Cal can only cower in the closet. Fred cooks up a caper to give Cal the chance to prove his courage and regain his self-respect.
5 19 "Love Is Blind" Jim Drake Chip Keyes,

Doug Keyes, Warren S. Murray

30 January 1981
Fred invites Cliff and his new girlfriend Charlene to dinner, but Cliff neglects to tell Fred that Charlene is blind.
6 20 "Cal's Mom" Jim Drake Ken Hecht,

Bob Schiller, Bob Weiskopf

29 May 1981
Cal's mother comes to visit and among her baggage is bigotry against blacks. A special episode addressing racial prejudice.
7 21 "Gaslight" Jim Drake Chip Keyes,

Doug Keyes

5 June 1981
Suffering from a virus and delirious, Fred misunderstands an overheard conversation and now fears Cal is plotting to kill him.
8 22 "Freeway" Jim Drake Ted Bergmann 12 June 1981
The city is debating whether to run a freeway through Watts or the wealthy Corban Hills neighborhood. Fred, Cal and Cliff organize their neighbors and lead the charge to save their homes.
9 23 "Jury Duty" Jim Drake Ted Bergmann 19 June 1981
In this spoof of "12 Angry Men," Fred is the lone juror unwilling to cast a guilty verdict in a murder trial.
10 24 "Cal's Illegal Alien" Jim Drake Neil Lebowitz,

Michael Morris

26 June 1981
Cal just met a girl named Maria, but she's an illegal alien hiding in the Sanford home during a rash of immigration raids in the area.
11 25 "Private Lives" Jim Drake Douglas Arango,

Phil Doran, Jim Gagan

3 July 1981
Fred and Eve have a lover's quarrel, with each vowing to bring a better date to the art gallery opening. Grady fixes up Fred with a bubble-headed bimbo named Bunny.
12 26 "To Keep a Thief" Jim Drake Bill Box,

Dick Westerschulte

10 July 1981
The 14-year-old boy who burglarized the Sanford home is ordered to work off the amount he stole. Fred and Cal hope to scare him straight.

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