Sanford TV series Season one episodesEdit

  • Ep = Episode number within the season
  • No. = Overall episode number

Season 1: 1980Edit

Ep No. Title Directed by Written by "|Original air date
1 1 "The Meeting: Part 1" Jim Drake Ted Bergmann,

Sy Rosen

15 March 1980
Fred continues coordinating his junk empire with a new partner, Cal Pettie, Lamont's larger than life friend and co-worker from the Alaskan Pipeline. And into Fred's Garden of Eden steps the beautiful Eve Lewis.
2 2 "The Meeting: Part 2" Jim Drake Douglas Arango,

Phil Doran, Sy Rosen

22 March 1980
Fred proposes to Eve, but feels very out of place in her sophisticated social circle, especially when wearing a borrowed magician's tuxedo.
3 3 "The Meeting: Part 3" Jim Drake Douglas Arango,

Phil Doran, Sy Rosen

22 March 1980
After faking a heart attack to get out of his engagement, Fred realizes that he still has feelings for Eve.
4 4 "The Still of the Night" Jim Drake Ted Bergmann 29 March 1980
Fred schemes to make easy money from Cal's smooth bourbon after discovering Cal has built a still and is making lip-smacking good moonshine using his family's secret recipe.
5 5 "Dinner at George's" Sammy Davis Jr.,

Jim Drake

Larry Rhine,

Mel Tolkin

5 April 1980
Big spender Fred insists on taking Eve to her favorite Beverly Hills bistro, but gets his ego bruised when Eve plots to pay the check behind his back.
6 6 "Younger Than Springtime Am I" Jim Drake Michael Morris,

Michael G. Moye

8 April 1980
Feeling old, Fred falls for a con man's quack cure and buys a fountain of youth pill called Methusatol.
7 7 "Retrospective: Part 1" Jim Drake Douglas Arango,

Phil Doran

15 April 1980
While hauling junk from Eve's home, Fred and Cal are arrested on suspicion of burglary. While sitting in jail, they reminisce about their first meeting and of Fred and Eve's engagement party.
8 8 "Retrospective: Part 2" Jim Drake Douglas Arango,

Phil Doran

15 April 1980
Fred and Cal continue looking back and laughing at their past adventures while locked up in a Beverly Hills jail.
9 9 "Perfect Husband" Jim Drake Patt Shea,

Harriett Weiss

26 April 1980
Fred and Eve's engagement hits a bump in the road when Eve romanticizes her late husband as an angel and a saint, and flesh-and-blood Fred fears he can't compete.
10 10 "The Ring" Jim Drake Judi Ann Mason 10 May 1980
After being terrorized in a jewelry store robbery, Fred discovers a $12,000 diamond ring fell into his cap. While deciding whether to return or to keep the ring, Officers Hoppy and Smitty appear at the door.
11 11 "Cissy and the Nephew" Jim Drake Marc Sheffler,

Winston Moss

17 May 1980
Aunt Esther's son Cliff comes to stay with Fred and falls fast for Eve's daughter Cissy.
12 12 "Cal's Diet: Part 1" Jim Drake Ted Bergmann 24 May 1980
Cal is lonely and depressed about his weight, so Fred and Cliff put Cal on a diet and exercise regimen designed to build up his body and boost his sagging self-confidence.
13 13 "Cal's Diet: Part 2" Jim Drake Ted Bergmann 24 May 1980
Cal's confidence restored, Fred takes him to a swinging singles bar where Cal meets lovely Katie, meter maid.
14 14 "The Benefit" Jim Drake John Donley,

Kurt Taylor

31 May 1980
Sammy Davis Jr. agrees to perform at Eve's charity benefit for the Children of Watts, but when Sammy doesn't show, Cliff, Cissy, Al and Fred take to the stage and showcase their talents.