Derek Triplett as Roger

Derek Tripplett appears as Roger in the episode "Lamont in Love" in Season 5.

Roger Lawson
Roger Lawson
Roger Lawson, Janet's son, played by Edward Crawford.
Vital Information
Young son of Janet, Lamont's fiancee, whom Fred warms up to and allows to play and help out in the Sanford junkyard
Family and Personal Information
Related to: Janet Lawson (mother)
Sgt. John Lawson (father)
Mrs. Gordon (grandmother)
Character information
Appeared on: Sanford and Son
Character played by: Edward Crawford/Derek Tripplett
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Roger Lawson was a twelve year old son (played in 2 episodes, first played by Edward Crawford, then by Derek Tripplett) of Janet Lawson, a divorcee who Lamont meets and then becomes engaged to in the Sanford and Son episode titled The Engagement Man Always Rings Twice (Season 5, episode #20).

About RogerEdit

When Fred seeks to set a new Guinness Book Record for most consecutive hours without sleep in the Season 5 episode "I Dream of Choo-Choo Rabinowitz", Roger, who had been dribbling a ball in the junkyard and Bubba both offer moral support; when Fred falls short of the new record, Both Roger and Bubba are given good news by Mr. Grayson, a representative for the Guinness Book; they've both set new records -- he for dribbling 5 straight days, and Bubba for singing over 5,000 verses of "Alexander's Ragtime Band"!