Roberto Fuentes
Roberto, Julio's nephew in the episode titled "Watts Side Story" in Season 3 of "Sanford and Son".
Vital Information
Gender: Female
Nephew of Julio from New York City who moves to L.A. with his mother and gets tutored by his new school's principal, with the help of Fred and Maria.
Family and Personal Information
Related to: Julio Fuentes (uncle)
Mrs. Fuentes (grandmother)
Carlotta Fuentes (mother)
Maria Fuentes (aunt)
Character information
Appeared on: Sanford and Son
Episodes appeared in: "Julio and Sister and Nephew" in Season 3
Character played by: Hector Carrasco
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Roberto Fuentes is the young nephew of next-door neighbor Julio who appears in the Season 4 episode of Sanford and Son titled "Julio and Sister and Nephew". The role of Maria is played by Hector Carrasco.

About RobertoEdit

Ten year old Roberto, Julio's nephew, displays a shrewd sales sense, as he persuades a customer (Corinne Conley) to purchase a lamp which Fred and Lamont seek to sell to her for $20, pretending that it was a lamp which he used to study with; when the customer agrees to buy it for $30 instead of the original price, Roberto, who takes credit for the sale, asks Fred for his $10; Fred, in response, says to Roberto "You've got a fine head on your shoulders...Wanna see it on the floor?"

When the principal of the new school Roberto attends (Graham Brown) intends to keep him back a grade because of his trouble keeping up with the other students in English, Fred helps he and his mother Carlotta lobby to keep him in the 5th grade by persuading the principal to tutor him after school.