The Rent Party Crashers
Fred and the Gangsters
When Fred throws a "rent party" to help pay the bills, two gangsters, Duane (left) and his Leader (right) crash the party and try to muscle their way into the venture by making it a 24 hour racket and becoming their partners, in the episode titled "The Big Party" in Season 2.
Vital Information
Gender: Males
Ethnicity The Leader (Caucasian)
Duane the enforcer (African-American)
Mobsters into racketeering
two hoods, who manage to crash the Sanford rent party, and try to force the Sanford's into making it a 24 hour racket, with they as partners
Family and Personal Information
Character information
Appeared on: Sanford and Son in the Season 2 episode "The Big Party"
Character played by: Gabriel Dell (The Leader)
Danny "Big Black" Rey (as Duane)
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The two Rent Party Gangsters, the leader (Gabriel Dell), and his enforcer Duane (Danny "Big Black" Rey) manage to muscle their way into the rent party Fred throws, in looking to raise money to pay the bills and charging admission, but to the demands of visiting gangsters, who give Fred and Lamont "an offer that they can't refuse" at the threat of a cocked revolver, they must keep the party going, and allow the gangsters to become partners in the unwanted operation!

It takes until the next morning; a Sunday visit from Aunt Esther and her "Raiders" (or, "Esther's Raiders", what Fred calls them), her church going sisters, to drive out the hoods and the partiers from the Sanford premises!