"Pops 'n' Pals"
Season Two, Episode ##30
Number (#34) in series (136 episodes)
Air date February 9, 1973
Network NBC-TV
Production code 219
Written by Allan Katz & Don Reo
Directed by Rick Edelstein
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Pops n' Pals was the 34th episode of Sanford and Son. Also the 20th episode of the series' second season, it premiered February 9, 1973.

Full synopsisEdit

After Fred announces plans to accompany Lamont and Julio on a weekend visit to Tijuana, Fred goes into his "don't leave your poor, sick father alone" monologue. This fails to move Lamont, so Fred begins cooking up a few more devious strategies to keep his son at home. After Fred, Lamont and Julio visit a Spanish restaurant, and Fred spoils the visit, Lamont refuses to take Fred with them to Tijuana; When Lamont and Julio arrive in Tijuana, Lamont, who begins to worry about Fred, begins to feel guilty for not taking him, especially after Julio tells him about he and his father. When they arrive back in Watts, they find the house empty; thinking Fred may have wandered off or had the real "big one", Lamont prepares to call the police, when they find Fred, who arrives at the house with a woman (Cardella DeMilo) who he picked up at a nearby bar, and a fifth of Sangria, which he got the taste for when he went to the Mexican restaurant with Lamont and Julio!

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