Teddy Wilson Phil Wheeler

Teddy Wilson appeared in the part of Phil Wheeler on "The Sanford Arms" spinoff series in 1977.

Phil Wheeler
, portrayed by Theodore Wilson, was a character on the NBC sitcom The Sanford Arms, which was a very short-lived, failed 1977-78 season spinoff of Sanford and Son. Accorrding to the story line, Phil was a friend of Fred G. Sanford,the two of whom met each other in the army during World War II. Fred later sold his business to Phil so he could move to Arizona. Along with the business, Sanford and Son, Phil received a rooming house--the Sanford Arms, which he tried to turn into a hotel. When the Sanford TV series premiered with Redd Foxx reassuming his role as Fred Sanford two seasons later in early 1980, the entire storyline, synopsis, and the Wheeler characters all were ignored in the Sanford series.