Otto Copper Contact
Otto (Leonard Stone), a contact of Kelly, a friend of Fred's, dishonestly sells them their own copper, which he stole from them in the first place in the Season 1 "Sanford and Son" episode "The Copper Caper".
Vital Information
Gender: Male
Contact/accquaintance of Old Man Kelly who he tips Fred and Lamont about him selling cheap copper -- not realizing that he had been stealing the copper from folks in the neighborhood
Family and Personal Information
Character information
Appeared on: Sanford and Son
Character played by: Leonard Stone
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Otto, a contact of Kelly, a friend of the Sanfords, appears in the episode of Sanford and Son titled "The Copper Caper". The part of Otto is played by veteran character/voice actor Leonard Stone, who later appears on the series as Mr. Grayson, a representative for the Guiness Book of World Records in the Season 5 episode "I Dream of Choo-Choo Rabinowitz".

About OttoEdit

When Fred's friend Kelly (played by Clancy Cooper), turns Fred and Lamont onto a apparent "sweet deal" involving some cheap copper that a contact, named Otto, is trying to get rid of because he claims his church is being torn down to put up a parking lot. Fred is skeptical of the deal because of the cheap price Otto was willing to sell the copper for (he was charging only 10¢ a pound, when the average going price, as Lamont saw in the morning newspaper, was about 38¢ a pound), but Lamont insists to him that he knows what he is doing.

Fred and Lamont are instructed by Otto to wait at a diner for the man to show up to close the deal for the copper. After doing so, they return home where, Officers Smitty and Swanny pay them a visit and warn them about a copper thief that is working in the area. Panicked, Fred and Lamont drive their newly acquired load of copper down to the ocean and dump it. Returning home, they discover that all of their plumbing has been stolen (including Kelly and the rest of the neighborhood!), and that the shady, dishonest Otto sold them their own copper -- which he pulled out while they were waiting for him at the diner!!!!