"Ol' Brown Eyes is Back"
Season Four, Episode ##3
Number (#65) in series (136 episodes)
Air date September 27, 1974
Network NBC-TV
Production code 406
Written by Jerry Ross
Directed by Bill Foster
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Ol' Brown Eyes is Back was the 65th overall episode of Sanford and Son. Also the third episode of Season Four, it first aired September 27, 1974.

Episode synopsisEdit

Fred, who is celebrating 35 years in the junk business snoops around the living room and finds his intended gift from Lamont: a signet ring with his initials "FS" on it that Rollo got for a good price. Then Fred learns that among the items recently stolen from Frank Sinatra's hotel room was also an initialed signet ring.

When he mistakely puts 2 + 2 together, and comes to the conclustion that the ring was "stolen" from Frank Sinatra's room, he goes to the hotel to "return" the ring, only to get stopped by security; there Fred, not wanting Lamont to get in trouble with the law for fencing stolen goods, lies and claims to be the "Tip Toe Burgular", Needless to say, he manages to get himself arrested, booked at the police statiion in the Watts precinct.

Fred, Rollo, and the 4-5-9 sceneEdit

At the police station, Hoppy and Smitty ask Fred, how could you be the "Tip Toe Burgular? He just struck in New York City just last week!" Fred responds, "I tipped in!"

Everything is then sorted out, and Smitty, Hoppy tell Fred that they all chipped in to get him the ring; Lamont, who arrives, tells the cops that Fred got the ring from behind the pillow of their couch, where he tried hide it. When Smitty, who on behest of Fred, examines the ring, it turns out to be a worthless imitation! Fred asks Smitty, "You mean to tell me all of you all chipped in and couldn't give but $15? Least you could do is give me a hundred dollar diamond ring."

Here's the rest of the scene:

Lamont: Well, actually, we did pay more than $15 for it.
Smitty: A lot more!
Rollo: Hey, well, fellas, you've got to think of my overhead. You know, like, mileage, phone calls, insurance. insurance?
Fred: Now--insurance. When the man's right, he's right. 'Cause I'm fixing to perform a 459.
Rollo: What's a 459?
Fred: Breaking and entering your skull!

Fred, who then lunges after Rollo, who runs out of the police station, is quickly stopped by three police officers before he could perform his 459!

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