Officer "Swanny" Swanhauser
Swanny Sanford and Son

Officer "Swanny" Swanhouser as played by Noam Pitlik.
Vital Information
Gender: Male
LAPD Police Officer
  • Rather overly serious, by-the-book demeanored sort who befriends Fred, Lamont and the others
  • often partners with Officer "Smitty" Smith before being replaced as his partner by Officer "Hoppy" Hopkins
  • Family and Personal Information
    Character information
    Appeared on: 6 episodes on ("Sanford and Son") in Season 1
    First appeared in: in "The Copper Caper" in Season 1
    Last appeared in: in "Have Gun, Will Sell" in Season 1
    Character played by: Noam Pitlik
    Sanford and Son retro Wiki Script

    Officer "Swanny" Swanhauser was played by Noam Pitlik, and appeared in six episodes during the show's first season, first appearing in the fourth episode of the first season titled The Copper Caper in 1972. Swanny was originally Smith's Caucasian partner who is replaced early in the second season with Officer "Hoppy" Hopkins (Howard T. Platt).

    Abuot Officer SwanhauserEdit

    Swanny is basically the same as Hoppy in the sense that the two often incorrectly used 'Jive' slang, which Smitty often corrected—e.g., "cold" instead of "cool" or "right up" instead of "right on." and the ever-professional Swanny, then later, Hoppy, often delivered a speech filled with police jargon and big words, which usually confuses Fred and/or Lamont thus turning to Smitty, who would then translate Swanny or Hoppy's speech into Jive. but Swanny's demeanor and appearance is much, much more serious than the more jovial Hoppy (often overly-serious), rather dour, and completely humorless. Like Hoppy, Swanny is never racially insulted by Fred.