Officer "Smitty" Smith
Smitty Sanford and Son

Hal Williams appeared as Officer "Smitty" Smith on both "Sanford and Son" and its spinoff series, "Sanford".
Vital Information
Gender: Male
Ethnicity Black (African-American)
LAPD Police officer
Friends of Lamont and Fred and the others who often partners with Officer "Swanny" Swanhouser
Officer "Hoppy" Hopkins
Family and Personal Information
Character information
First appeared in: Sanford and Son" in "The Copper Caper: in Season 1
  • Sanford: in The Ring in Season 1
  • Character played by: Hal Williams
    Sanford and Son retro Wiki Script

    .LAPD Officer Smith, or "Smitty", was the African-American LAPD police officer friend of the Sanfords who usually cordially vistied them from time to time with different partners, usually with Officers "Swanny" Swanhouser, who was played by Noam Pitlik, or "Hoppy" Hopkins (Howard T. Platt). Briefly in Season 6, he was partnered with a Officer Percy (Pat Paulsen)

    About "Smitty"Edit

    "Smitty" (played by Hal Williams, usually served as the straight man to comedic moments of the serious, straight-laced, solemn and humorless Swanny and the somewhat inept, but still by the book and capable officer Hoppy. Both Swanny but usually Hoppy would incorrectly use 'Jive' slang, which Smitty always corrected—e.g., "cold" instead of "cool" or "right up" instead of "right on." Conversely, the ever-professional Hoppy delivers a speech filled with police jargon and big words, which confuses Fred and/or Lamont thus turning to Smitty, who would then translate Hoppy's (or Swanny's) speech into Jive. Officer Smith and Hopkins also appeared in several episodes of the spinoff series Sanford in 1980-81.