Norman Blood
Fred Norman and the Watchbaar
Fred (right) is aghast when Norman (center) comes back after being gone all day, just to bring back a stuffed "Watch Bear", which how Norman describes how it should be used!!
Vital Information
Gender: Male
Self-professed but out of work mechanic which Fred hires to work in the junkyard when Lamont quits and begins working for a competitor, Mr. Baxtrum, who lives down the street from the Sanfords
Brawny, but somewhit dim-witted worker who stays out all day long, only to return to the junkyard late in the evening with a stuffed bear
Family and Personal Information
Character information
Appeared on: Sanford and Son
Episodes appeared in: "Blood Is Thicker Than Junk" in Season 2
Character played by: Roger E. Mosley
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Norman Blood was a new hire in the junkyard by Fred when he and Lamont had a falling out and dissolved Sanford and Son Salavge temporarily in the Season 2 episode of Sanford and Son titled "Blood Is Thicker Than Junk". The part of Norman was played by actor Roger E. Mosley, who would in later years go on to further success in film Leadbelly, where he appears in the title role as the late Delta blues singer, and a part in the ABC-TV miniseries Roots, and most notably, the role of Theodore "T.C." Calvin on the long-running CBS-TV series Magnum, P.I.

About Norman and the "Watchbear"Edit

After a nasty spat which causes the Sanford and Son partnership between Fred and Lamont to split up. Fred hires Norman to replace Lamont, who, on a referral from the state unemployment agency, begins work with a competing junk dealer who lives down the street from Fred and Lamont, Mr. Baxtrum, while still living in the Sanford home. However, when things doesn't go smoothly with Fred, who is left all day and evening wondering where the somewhat dim-witted, but brawny Norman, who, when asked by Fred if he "knows anything about trucks", boasts that he can :take an entire truck apart in minutes", returns after being gone all day. He later returns with a stuffed bear, which he called a "Watch Bear"! When Norman finally returns with the bear he bought, Fred threatens him, charging him "There you are with 200 lbs. of brawn, and an ounce of brain! Man, if you don't get me back my money you spent for that bear, I'm gonna take this crowbar (which he had in hand) and peel your head! "