"My Brother-in-Law's Keeper"
Season Four, Episode ##20
Number (#82) in series (136 episodes)
Air date February 14, 1975
Network NBC-TV
Production code 417
Written by Ted Bergmann
Directed by Norman Abbott
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"Golden Boy" "The Headache"

My Brother-in-Law's Keeper was the 82nd overall episode of Sanford and Son. Also the 20th episode of Season Four, it first aired February 14, 1975.

Episode synopsisEdit

Fred is bothered and bewildered by his baby sister's marriage to a white man named Rodney Victor.

Episode summaryEdit

Fred is delighted that his sister Frances (Mary Alice) has finally gotten married. His delight quickly evaporates when he meets his new brother-in-law Rodney Victor (Allan Drake, in his first series appearance). It seems that dear old Rodney is an inveterate gambler and a practical joker -- and worst of all, for starters, he's White, secondly, he seems to be overly affectionate towards his future brother-in-law, in that he seems to have, as Fred complains, "chronic huggitis"!

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