Ms. Williams
Cathy Cooper Sanford and Son
Cathy Cooper appearing as Mrs. Williams, woman in dating agency Fred and Grady visits to find a date for Lamont in the episode titled "Matchmaker, Matchmaker" in Sesason 4 of "Sanford and Son".
Vital Information
Gender: Female
"Date-A-Mate" computer dating servie clerk
Clerk who help sets up the date between the unsuspecting Lamont and the computer match Nora Simpson for Fred
Family and Personal Information
Character information
Appeared on: Sanford and son
Episodes appeared in: "Matchmaker, Matchmaker" in Season 4
Character played by: Cathy Cooper
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Ms Williams was the computer dating service clerk which Fred and Grady referred the profile of Lamont, who they were looking for a computer match for in Matchmaker, Matchmaker (Season 4, Episode #2). The part of Ms. Williams is played by actress Cathy Cooper, who also appears on the series as one of Aunt Esther's church sisters in the episode "Aunt Esther Meets Her Son" (Season 6, Episode #12), and she also appears in the Sanford and Son spinoff series Sanford; credited for 14 episodes of its first season, she appeared in nine.  

About Ms. WilliamsEdit

Ms. Williams, the "Date-A-Mate" dating service clerk, when asking about the age of Lamont, Fred, in trying to get the best match for Lamont, hesitates and asks Grady what age should he give Ms. Williams, Grady responds "Oh, well, he's 32, ain't he?" Fred responds, "32. Yeah, right." Fred then asks Grady, "..What if, uh, Cicely Tyson likes an older man?" Grady responds, "Oh. then say he's 42." Fred then asks Grady, "What if she's that kind of chick that likes a younger man? Grady then responds "Oh. then say he's, uh, 22."

Here's the rest of the scene with Ms. Williams:

Fred (talking to Ms. Williams): Uh, he's 22.
Ms. Williams: 22.
Fred (confused as to which age to give her): Or 32. or 42.
Ms. Williams: 22 Or 42?
Fred: I remember it had a "2" on it.
Ms: Williams: Why don't we just use the median? That'll make him 32.

When Ms. Williams calls the Sanford residence to check up on the date match with Nora Simpson (played by Beverly Sanders), Lamont intercepts the call, to find out that Fred set up the date with "Date-A-Mate" for him. Ms. Williams, who says about he and Nora "She's dying to meet you...You two have so much in common, especially the margarine body rubs. Lamont responds, "The Margarine What!?" She answers: "The body don't do that anymore?" Answers Lamont, "No, I moved up to the higher priced spread!"