Mr. Hamblin
Mr. Hamblin
Mr. Hamblin comes to reposseses the Sanfords furniture in the Season 1 episode of "Sanford and Son" titled "The Great Sanford Siege".
Vital Information
Gender: Male
Collection agency repossessor
Family and Personal Information
Character information
Appeared on: Sanford and Son
Episodes appeared in: "The Great Sanford Siege" in Season 1
Character played by: Dick Van Patten
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Mr. Hamblin was a repossessor who was sent to the Sanford residence by a collection agency in the Season 1 episode of Sanford and Son titled "The Great Sanford Siege". The part of Hamblin was played by veteran character actor Dick Van Patten, who is best known to TV viewers for his role as Tom Bradford, the Bradford family patriarch in the 1977-81 ABC series Eight Is Enough.

About Mr. HamblinEdit

Fred and Lamont, who were behind in all of their bills, due to Fred's negligent approach to it "Put it back in the mailbox!" find themselves trapped in their home in a standoff with a process server and with Hamblin, a collection agency repossessor, a one with the cops in tow, who are ready to repossess their unpaid furniture. Fred's acting ability, which culminates in him faking a bad heart, and faking as if he were pushed rudely by the repossesor when they head upstairs to take the bedroom furniture, coupled with a convenient legal loophole, comes to the rescue, saving their necks, and it nets them $200.00 as Hamblin said "To help pay for you little doctor bills!"