Mr. Creely
Adam Wade Sanford and Son
Adam Wade as acting workshop director Mr. Creely
Vital Information
Gender: Male
Self absorbed, nitpicky acting workshop director
Quits amid Fred's visit to and constant distrations to the production of the play in the workshop
Family and Personal Information
Character information
Appeared on: Sanford and Son
Episodes appeared in: "The Director" (Season 5)
Character played by: Adam Wade
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Mister Creely, the frustrated acting workshop director of the acting workshop Lamont participated in, quits amid Fred's constant interruptions when he is invited to join in on the workshop reluctantly by Lamont in the fifth season Sanford and Son episodeThe Director (Episode #21). The part of Mr. Creely is played by actor Adam Wade

About Mr. CreelyEdit

When Fred is reluctantly allowed by Lamont to sit in on a session of the acting workshop that Creely directs, he is a constant distraction; amid the criticizing of the script, which Creely wrote and produced, the acting, and the ogling of former Heavyweight Boxing Champion George Foreman (who Fred came to see), who was a visitor to the workshop, Mr. Creely gets fed up exclaiming "I've had it! I quit! I can't work amid all these constant distractions!" The play continues, with Fred changing half of the original script, giving Lamont a silly British Cockney accent ("Shipping off to Oxford! Rather Marvey, ol' chap!") and causing George to injure his hand by punching a hole in the wall as part of the script! George, who was due to fight a few days later, still donated money to the workshop, without Creely, who Fred derisively called "Creepy Creely", and without Fred, who he says in a letter, "his hair is my favorite color...Meat!"