Migdia Chinea
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Migdia Chinea appears in Season 3 of "Sanford and Son" as Maria Fuentes, Julio's younger sister in the episode "Watts Side Story".
Vital Information
Birthplace: Coral Gables, Florida, U.S.
American actress, screenwriter, and TV personality
Years active: 1971-present
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Involved with:
Sanford and Son in Guest appearance
Episodes appeared in: "Watts Side Story" in Season 3
Character(s) played: Maria Fuentes
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Migdia Chinea-Varela (a.k.a. Migdia Chinea, is a Cuban-American screenwriter, TV personality and actress. She was a writer for the CBS-TV series The Incredible Hulk, The Facts of Life, Punky Brewster, and Superboy.[1][2] She also guest appeared as Maria Fuentes, the younger sister of Julio Fuentes on Sanford and Son in the Season 3 episode titled "Watts Side Story".

In 1988, Maria, a native of Coral Gables, Florida, a Miami suburb, wrote an essay in Newsweek's "My Turn" column describing her experiences with minority quotas.[3]

In 2012, Chinea graduated with a Master's in Film and Television (MFA) from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). She wrote and directed the short film Anonymous (Street Meat) as part of an experimental film course. The four minute film, which is based on her experiences with faulty mortgage foreclosure notices,[4] was accepted to screen at the Cannes Short Film festival and earned an honorable mention at the California International Shorts Film Festival. Chinea hopes to be able to film a full length version.[5]


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