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May Hopkins is Officer Hopkins's mom, who moves from back east and moves into the Sanford Arms Apartments after having stayed in a hotel for a week. She eventually helps to organize a tenants' committee to offer complaints/grievances about the need for repairs in the rooms, and Fred's installation of pay toilets in the bathrooms!!! Fred, who is well known to hurl insults at everybody he argues with, does'nt spare Mrs. Hopkins from the same, at times commenting about her looks, kind of like he insults Esther. Like her son Hoppy, May has the gift of gab, a tendency to quote old sayings, like Excelsior!!, which irritates Fred, especially!! She is even adept at using ghetto slang, or ebonics, correcting son Hoppy in the episode "The Sanford Arms", when he says "Right In", and she says "Right On"!!

Ms. Hopkins was played by late veteran comedic actress Nancy Kulp, who is best known for her role in the 1962-70 CBS-TV sitcom series The Beverly Hillbillies.