"Matchmaker, Matchmaker"
Season Four, Episode ##2
Number (#64) in series (136 episodes)
Air date September 20, 1974
Network NBC-TV
Production code 407
Written by Jerry Ross
Directed by Bill Foster
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"The Surprise Party
(Season 4 premiere)"
"Ol' Brown Eyes is Back"

Matchmaker, Matchmaker was the 64th overall episode of Sanford and Son. Also the second episode of Season Four, it first aired September 20, 1974.

Episode synopsisEdit

Lamont stands to inherit $7,000 if within a year he marries and has a son named after his late uncle George. Fred sees dollar signs, so he and Grady set to making marriage bells ring by turning to a computer dating service; the dating agency clerk, Ms. Williams (Cathy Cooper), is able to find a match for Lamont from the description that Fred and Grady gives her, the dating service match it gives is a white woman Nora Simpson (Beverly Sanders), who turns out to be "disaster" date for the already disinterested Lamont (not to mention Fred, who was still reeling because the dating service could'nt find someone black!), but he goes along for the ride until a girlfriend of his named Janet (Gloria Delaney), who's an actress, and was to pose as the slightly neurotic, vegetarian, and alcoholic lush Nora. When Janet arrives, she's turned away by Lamont, who tells her the real Nora arrived, and did everything that she was supposed to do. When Janet asks "Is she an actress?" Lamont answers, " one can act that good!" In the end, Grady winds up the one who has to help "pour" the drunken Nora, who had too many martinis, into a cab and escort her home!

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