Jack Carter as Marvin
Jack Carter as Marvin the taxman
Vital Information
Gender: Male
Tax accountant
Helps prepare the Sanford's taxes before the deadline; winds up taking Fred to a "Redd Foxx look alike contest at NBC Studios
Family and Personal Information
Character information
Appeared on: Sanford and Son
Episodes appeared in: "Fred Meets Redd" (Season 6)
Character played by: Jack Carter
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Marvin appears in the episode Sanford and Son as titled "Fred Meets Redd" in Season 6. The part of Marvin is played in the episode by veteran comedian, actor, and entertainer Jack Carter.

About MarvinEdit

In the episode "Fred Meets Redd", Marvin, who's the Sanford's tax accountant, helps Fred and Lamont get their books together in their attempt to have their tax forms prepared and mailed off to the IRS by the deadline the next day.

When Lamont tells Marvin that their books were nowhere near being in order, but also slighly jokingly, Fred, mostly out of frustration, but also semi-jokingly, tells Marvin "Our books are not gonna be in order, because we don't intend to pay any taxes this year!" Marvin then responds "Then you'll go to jail!"

When Fred learns of a "Redd Foxx Look Alike Contest" in the newspaper that's being held at NBC-TV Studios, and that the prize includes a paid vacation to Acopulco and $100 in cash, he gets Marvin to take he and Lamont to the contest. n