Lee Kalchiem
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Lee Kalchiem won an Emmy Award in 1972 for his work in an episode of another Norman Lear produced series, All In THe Family.
Vital Information
Born: (1938-06-27) June 27, 1938 (age 80)
Birthplace: Philadelphia, PA, U.S.
TV and film screenwriter
Years active: 1965-present
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Character/series involvement
Appeared on/
Involved with:
"Sanford and Son"
Episodes appeared in: writer for episode "The Light Housekeeper" in Season 2
Character(s) played: N/A
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Lee Kalcheim (June 27, 1938, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) is an American Emmy Award-winning screenwriter. Lee wrote the Sanford and Son episode titled "The Light Housekeeper" in Season 2, which Mary Wickes guest starred as housekeeper ppMary]].

Writing and producing careerEdit

Television show episodesEdit

Kalcheim has written numerous television shows including episodes for:

  • The Paper Chase (1985)
  • All in the Family (1971–72; Emmy 1973)
  • N.Y.P.D. (1967–69)

Writing worksEdit

Among his works are:

Writing Works
Film/TV episode name First produced First published Notes
Defiled Unknown Unknown When a technophobic brarian threatens to detonate the library if his card catalog is taken away, the police must negotiate with him. [1]
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour: The Trap 1965 1965 Peg Beale, played by Anne Francis, can no longer bear her marriage with affluent mass toy producer, Robert Strauss as Ted Beale. Peg isn't cheerful when Ted hires a new, attractive, scholarly assistant, John Cochran (Donnelly Rhodes), seeing as John has already seen Peg with another man. It turns into a murder scheme concocted by Peg to murder Ted with John. [2]
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour: The Final Performance 1965 1965
An Audible Sign 1968 Unknown Description [3]
Is This Trip Really Necessary? 1970 1970
All in the Family: Edith Writes a Song 1971 1971 The Bunkers and Stivics arrive home and are greeted by burglars who are trying to elude the authorities. The Bunkers and the bad guys end up arguing over how the family's cash reserves should be spent: give it to the crooks, use it to buy an effective alarm system, or to sell Edith's new song.
All in the Family: Archie and Edith Alone 1972 1972 When Mike and Gloria are gone, Archie and Edith get a chance to share quality time at home alone.
All in the Family: Edith, the Judge 1972 1972 At a coin-operated laundry, Archie breaks one of the machines, and the manager wants to collect damages. Edith reluctantly agrees to arbitrate the grievance lest it wind up in small claims court.
All in the Family: The Bunkers and the Swingers 1972 1972 Edith is on the search for new friends, and seems to have met the perfect pair through a magazine advertisement. She invites them over to meet Archie, not knowing they are into swinging, wife-swapping style!
Sanford and Son: The Light Housekeeper 1972 1972 Lamont hires a housekeeper named Mary, but Fred isn't wild about her being white.

Note: Mary Wickes guest stars in this episode.

Hurry, Harry 1972 1972
Class of '63 1973 1973
Win With Wheeler 1975 1984
The Comedy Company 1978 1978
Marriage Is Alive and Well 1980 1980
Breakfast with Les and Bess 1983 1984
Friends Unknown 1984 Description [4]
Moving 1991 Unknown


Under the pseudonym Norman Jonas, Kalcheim co-wrote the cult favorite horror movie Let's Scare Jessica to Death (1971), which in Kalcheim's first draft was reportedly written as a satirical comedy.


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