Judy Andrews was a character who appeared in the Sanford and Son episode "The Way to Lamont's Heart." She was played by actress Judy Pace in the character's only appearance.

In the episode, Judy is established as Lamont's girlfriend. The two want to be alone at home but Grady is standing in their way. The next day, Judy – hoping to win Grady's approval – decides the way to Lamont's heart is through Grady's stomach. She tempts him with pork butts, potatoes, brussel sprouts and peach raisin pie, and then tries to sweet talk Grady and convince him she and Lamont are on the level. Grady concludes that Judy is coming on to him, and tells Lamont of his suspicions. Lamont and Grady eventually confront Judy, who has returned with more food to win over Grady – this time, a crockpot full of Vienna sausage in tomato sauce. She becomes miffed and walks out on Lamont … but not before dumping the contents of the crockpot onto Grady's hands.

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