Ilunga Adell
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Ilunga Adell wrote scripts and teleplays for 24 Sanford and Son episodes from season s 1-4.
Vital Information
Birthname: William Adell Stevenson
Birthplace: Memphis, Tennessee, U.S.
Television and film producer, screenwriter, and actor
Years active: 1970-present
Family/Personal information
Character/series involvement
Appeared on/
Involved with:
Sanford and Son
Episodes appeared in: written/co-written 24 episodes, including teleplays during seasons 1-4
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Ilunga Adell (born William Adell Stevenson born November 27, 1948 in Memphis, Tennessee) is an American television and film producer, screenwriter and actor who has written for many television series, primarily sitcoms, such as Sanford and Son, 227, A Different World, Married with Children, Roc and Moesha. Ilunga also produced the teen-themed series City Guys, for which he also has written several episodes, the short-lived TV swries Up and Coming, and My Brother and Me.

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