"Hello Cousin Emma, Goodbye Cousin Emma"
Season Three, Episode ##24
Number (#62) in series (136 episodes)
Air date March 29, 1974
Network NBC-TV
Production code 325
Written by: Bill Manhoff
Directed by: Hal Cooper
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(Season 4 premiere)"

Hello Cousin Emma, Goodbye Cousin Emma was the 62nd episode of Sanford and Son. Also the 24th episode of the series' third season, it first aired March 29, 1974.

Episode synopsisEdit

Grady's cousin Emma (Clarice Taylor) blows in from the Windy City and promises to make the living easy for the two men, but Lamont has his doubts, especially after being bumped from his bedroom and having to share a bed with Grady. After discovering her free-loading, gold-bricking ways Lamont, along with Grady, cook up schemes to get rid of the unwanted (and extremely lazy) Emma.

The two, Lamont and Grady, concot a made up story about contracting the contagious "Junkman's Itch" that you supposedly contract from working around a junkyard too much, complete with what they call "The Hong Kong Hives", with scratching all over, and the need to take a hot bath with Brillo pads, is enough to scare the lazy Emma away, not before she takes off with the lunch that Grady prepared for he and Lamont!

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