"Have Gun, Will Sell"
Season Two, Episode ##7
Number (#21) in series (136 episodes)
Air date November 3, 1972
Network NBC-TV
Production code 206
Written by Ilunga Adell with Ray Galton & Alan Simpson
Directed by Rick Edelstein
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Have Gun, Will Sell was the 21st episode of Sanford and Son. Also the seventh episode of the series' second season, it premiered November 3, 1972.


After scaring off a burglar, Lamont and Rollo (Nathaniel Taylor) discover that a crook (Dilart Heyson) who tried to burglarize the Sanford home while Fred was asleep on the couch dropped his gun, and left it behind. At first, thinking about turning the weapon over to the police, they were afraid to do so. Thus, they try to sell the gun, enlisting similarly reluctant Fred, to his objections, to carry it and sell it at the nearby pawn shop without getting in trouble with the authorities or arousing the suspicion of the owner of the pawn shop (William Hansen), the results which  almost becomes disasterous!

When LAPD Officers Smitty and Swanny arrive at the pawn shop after the pawn shop broker pushes a button to an alarm system that alerts the cops, they are able to explain that they found the weapon inside the house, and were trying to pawn it; the pawnbroker argues that Fred, who was actually trying to see how much the gun was worth, had the gun pointed at him, was trying to rob him, mistakenly, After Smitty and Swanny comfiscate the weapon they admonish them, advising them that finding a weapon and not reporting it to the police was a felony, but that they would not press charges. Fred then says, "That's what I get, messing with you two dummies! I told you to turn it into the police! But No! This dummy (pointing to Lamont) wanted to keep it! And this here dummy (pointing at Rollo) wanted to pawn it! And the reason why I'm here between you two dummys, trying to sell it to this here dummy (the pawnbroker)!"

After the smoke is cleared up, Lamont asks the broker how much would he given them for the gun in any other circumstance; when he says $100, he says to Fred "I knew you'd mess things up!" as he and Rollo leave the pawnshop.

After Lamont and Rollo leave the pawn shop, Fred quickly turns back to the broker, and asks him about the worth for an old World War I rifle, which he claimed was with him when he fought aside Sgt. Alvin York, when the broker says he could give as much as $100 for it, Fred gleefully cheers, "I'll take it, I'll take it! I'll get it! I'll get it! I'll bring it! I'll bring it! and I'll sell it! I'll sell it!"

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