Joe Morton Grady

Joe Morton played the part of Hal Marshall, Grady's son in law, who is a college track coach, on the series.

Hal Marshall was Grady Wilson's son-in-law on the NBC-TV Sanford and Son spinoff sitcom series Grady in 1975-76. Joe Morton played the part of Hal on the series. A college track coach who lives in Westwood section of Los Angeles, with wife Ellie Wilson Marshall (played by Carole Cole), Grady's daughter, they have two teenaged children, son Haywood, (played by Haywood Nelson, later of ABC-TV's What's Happening series fame) and daughter Laurie (played by Rosanne Katon).

Hal and Effie both are concerned, maybe a bit worried about Grady living in the rough Watts section alone, and make an invitation to Grady to move in with them. Reluctant at first, and presented with the options staying where he's been living, or moving into a home for the aged, changes his mind and decides to take the Marshalls on their offer, but only to eventually move back to the rooming house where he had been staying at the beginning of the series.