"Grady and His Lady"
Season Four, Episode ##4
Number (#66) in series (136 episodes)
Air date October 4, 1974
Network NBC-TV
Production code 408
Written by Gene Farmer
Directed by Stan Lathan
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"Ol' Brown Eyes is Back" "There'll Be Some Changes Made"

Grady and His Lady was the 66th overall episode of Sanford and Son. Also the fourth episode of Season Four, it first aired October 4, 1974.

Episode synopsisEdit

Fred fears wedding bells will break up his beautiful friendship after Grady announces he's engaged to Dolly (Norma Miller); at the core of the animonsity of Fred upon the wedding news, (other than Fred's cringing upon meeting Dolly and her rather homely looks) is the perception that Dolly will severely curb the "free time" of future hubby Grady (Whitman Mayo) once they're married. To this end, Fred plots to "break up him (Grady) and ole' Deputy Dawg (Norma)!", in layman's terms, puncture the budding romance!

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