"Grady, The Star Boarder"
Season Three, Episode ##12
Number (#50) in series (136 episodes)
Air date November 30, 1973
Network NBC-TV
Production code 312
Written by Gene Farmer
Directed by Jack Shea
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"A House is Not a Pool Room" "Wine, Women & Aunt Esther"

Grady, The Star Boarder was the 50th episode of Sanford and Son. Also the eleventh episode of the series' third season, it first aired November 30, 1973.

Full synopsisEdit

Fred seizes a financial opportunity when Grady gripes about his neighbors' fighting: invite Grady to come live in serenity for $60 a month with him and Lamont. Sick of listening to his neighbors' quarrelling, Grady accepts the offer made by his friend Fred and moves into the Sanfords' house. Alas, Grady soon proves to be a pest, eating too much, snoring too loudly, and hogging the bathroom. Hoping to drive Grady out of the house, Fred and Lamont (Demond Wilson) stage a phony quarrel -- which quickly ignites into the real thing!!

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