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Grady was a spin-off of the popular NBC sitcom Sanford and Son, focused on Fred G. Sanford's (Redd Foxx) absent-minded friend Grady Wilson, who was portrayed by Whitman Mayo. In this series, Fred Sanford's widower friend Grady moves out of Watts and moves in with his daughter and her family in Westwood section of Los Angeles. Executive producer Norman Lear served as a consultant to the show.

Redd Foxx made a special guest appearance as Fred Sanford in the second episode. The series never found a solid audience, and was canceled after ten episodes. Whitman Mayo returned to Sanford and Son and would go on to star in the revival series The Sanford Arms.


Episode listEdit

Series # Season # Title Notes Original air date
1 1 "Be It Ever So Humble" Grady says goodbye to Fred. Later, Fred pays Grady a visit, helping him out by bringing him his luggage. December

7, 1973

2 2 "The Driving Force" Grady is tired of riding the bus and decides that he wants to learn to drive. His family, however, has concerns. After passing his test, he overhears his family talking. To make sure they don't worry, he tells them he didn't take the test and resolves not to drive. December

14, 1973

3 3 "Merry Birthday, Happy Xmas" While Ellie greets the guests for Grady's surprise birthday party, Hal keeps the guest of honor occupied at a local bar. December

21, 1973

4 4 "Grady's Night In" Grady turns sleuth to track down the thief who stole two rolls of quarters from the Grady kitchen. December

28, 1973

5 5 "Night School" Hal has a new student in his American history class: his father-in-law Grady. January

11, 1974

6 6 "The Meterman" Grady's scheme of feeding expired parking meters, then asking the car owners for reimbursement, earns him unwanted attention in the news. January

25, 1974

7 7 "The Strike" Hal and his fellow teachers vote to go on strike. February

1, 1974

8 8 "Bureaucracy" Grady takes on the government after he fails to receive several social security checks. February

15, 1974

9 9 "Grady Takes a Wife" Ellie dreams that Grady marries a go-go dancer. March

8, 1974

10 10 "The Weekend" Hal and Ellie have a chance for a second honeymoon after Grady takes the kids away for the weekend. *

* The date of this episode is uncertain.


The pilot episode was repackaged as an episode of Sanford and Son and is a part of its syndication package. An episode of this series aired on TV Land during a Norman Lear tribute in 2003.

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