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Gladys was a voluptous, tall, redheaded gangsters moll and part of a trio, which included her, the mastermind Davis (Sheldon Leonard) and Willis (Greg Morris), an accquaintance of Lamont and Fred, who both participate in the robbery of $1,000,000 in diamonds from a Honolulu bank who tries to dupe Fred and Lamont into smuggling them off of the island in the episodes "Hawaiian Connection: Parts 1 & 2" in Season 5 of Sanford and Son. The part of Gladys was played by actress Barbara Rhoades, who is known primarily for her role as lady bandit Penelope "Bad Penny" Cushings inThe Shakiest Gun in the West opposite Don Knotts (1968). She had a memorable role as Jodie Dallas's future wife, Maggie Chandler, in the TV series Soap.