Hutch Fred Sanford

Arnold Johnson appears as "Hutch" in Season 5 of Sanford and Son.

George E.F. "Hutch" Hutton is a good-natured ex-convict who was released from prison after serving 30 years. Originally sentenced to six months for petty theft, he chose to stay in prison because of an annoying, ugly, sister in law who constantly visited the prison to bug him.

Once he learns of his prison past, Fred is at first reluctant to allow Hutch to stay at the Sanford Arms. After he learns that the reason he sought to stay in prison was an annoying, ugly sister in law, who constantly visited the prison to bug him, Fred allows Hutch to stay at the Sanford Arms until he is able to get a job.

Eventually Hutch becomes a sidekick of Fred and Elroy.

Hutch first appears in the fifth season episode titled The Sanford Arms. In one scene Hutch finds a job as a nightwatchman. After a tenants meeting, led by Mrs. Hopkins, Hoppy's mother, he lends his room to "some lovely ladies" in the evenings, so that they could have "choir practice." Fred has another "big one" when he finds out that the ladies are Esther and her church friends!!!

Hutch was played by character actor Arnold Johnson.