"Fred Sanford Has a Baby"
Season Five, Episode ##16
Number (#103) in series (136 episodes)
Air date January 23, 1976
Network NBC-TV
Production code 517
Written by: Jay Burton
Directed by: James Shelton
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Fred Sanford Has a Baby was the 103rd overall episode of Sanford and Son. Also the 16th episode of Season Five, it first aired on NBC-TV on January 23, 1976.

Episode synopsisEdit

A very pregnant woman rents Lamont's room for the week while he's away on a fishing trip.

Episode summaryEdit

Lamont bets Fred $20 that he can't make money while he's away on a fishing trip in Mexico. He calls a newspaper to place an ad for renting out Lamont's room for $20 a week. His new tenant is a very pregnant young woman named Louella Evans. At first, Fred is reluctant to let her stay, even though her baby was due in six weeks, but his girlfriend, Donna convinces him that she needs kindness and he gives in.

Three days later, Louella goes into premature labor, and Officer "Hoppy" Hopkins takes her and Fred to the hospital. Fred joins other expectant fathers in the waiting room, and they think the baby is his. A nurse tries to teach Fred how to diaper a baby, but he does nothing but insult her and the baby doll. Another nurse comes into the waiting room to congratulate Fred on having a baby boy.

Lamont returns home from his fishing trip at three in the morning. Fred and Donna tell him about his room being rented out while he was away. At first, Lamont is upset that Fred rented out his room without asking his permission. Louella's husband, Don Evans arrives at the Sanford home, and tells Fred that he owes him his gratitude, explaining that a week earlier, they had a terrible argument and he let her leave the house without stopping her, and that he was stupid. If it wasn't for Fred, he hated to think about what could have happened to her. Both Fred and Lamont give the Evans' $20 each for the baby and the Evans' made Fred their baby's godfather. Afterward, Fred comes downstairs wearing a godfather costume.

Note: Fritzi Burr makes another appearance as a nurse, Bonnie Banfield appears as pregnant Louella Evans, Skip Cunningham appears as her husband Don Evans, Renny Roker and Mel Bryant both appear as Men in the hospital Waiting Room.

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