Fast Fanny
Bhetty Waldron as Fast Fanny
Fast Fanny, as played by Bhetty Waldron in the episode of "Sanford and Son" titled "Wine, Women and Aunt Esther" in Season 3.
Vital Information
Gender: Female
Masseuse, Magic Fingers Massage Parlor
Arranges date with Fred and his buddies with her and her friends at the massage parlor
Family and Personal Information
Character information
Episodes appeared in: "Wine, Women & Aunt Esther" (Season 3)
Character played by: Bhetty Waldron
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Fast Fanny appears in the Season 3 episode of Sanford and Son titled "Wine, Women & Aunt Esther". The part of Fanny is played in the episode by Bhetty Waldron.

About FannyEdit

After a friend of Fred and his buddies, Junior Cooper, dies while on his brick laying job, they decide that life is too short to not take time to enjoy themselves. So, Fred, with the help of Bubba and Grady, arrange a date with Fanny, who drops by the house, to meet with Fanny and her masseuse girlfriends at the Magic Fingers Massage Parlor where she works as a masseuse, later there for a little party, with liquor, music and refreshments, as she specifies for the party, as she says "to really go off!" When Fred asks her what her last name was she says before leaving "Fast, Faster, and outta sight! Yeah!"

After Lamont, who didn't think that Fred and his buddies partying till dawn was a very good idea at their ages, conspires to have then begin jitterbugging and drinking before the girls got there (he told them to come an hour later, that the liquor got delayed!), Betty and her friends arrive, only to see Fred and his buddies all drunk and passed out in the living room, she says "Of all the turkeys I've seen, these buzzards take the cake!"