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Eric Laneuville (born July 14, 1952, New Orleans, Louisiana) appeared as Daniel Anderson, a one-time Atheistic, wayward orphaned teen whom the Andersons adopt in the episode "Aunt Esther Has a Baby" (Season 6, episode #12), who also appears in the season six episode "The Will" (Season 6, episode #21), and as Ron, a teen apprentice overworked and underpaid by a Scrooge-like Fred at Christmas time in the episode "Ebenezer Sanford" (Season 5, episode #12).


A multi faceted Hollywood figure as a television director, actor and martial artist, Eric's first prominent acting roles were in the science-fiction film The Omega Man (1971) with Charlton Heston and the ABC-TV series Room 222 (1970–1973). His role as orderly Luther Hawkins in the long-running NBC television series St. Elsewhere is probably his best known role. He also starred in A Force of One playing Charlie, the stepson of Chuck Norris. In more recent years, he frequently directs such one-hour dramas as Ghost Whisperer and Lost.


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