Woodrow, BB and Edmond

Edmond, and B.B. meet the man who stole his old love "E.W." or Esther, Woody, in "Fred Sings the Blues" in Season 6 of "Sanford and Son".

Edmond, B.B's manager
Ji-Tu Cumbuka as Edmond
Vital Information
Gender: Male
B.B. King's business manager/valet
Helps B.B. "even the score" with the man who stole his old flame, who happens to be Esther, as he presents Woody with a check for $1,000
Family and Personal Information
Character information
Appeared on: Sanford and Son
Episodes appeared in: "Fred Sings The Blues" in Season 6
Character played by: Ji-Tu Cumbaka
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Edmond is a character who appears in the Season 6 episode of Sanford and Son titled "Fred Sings The Blues". The part of Edmond is played by Ji-Tu Cumbaka.

About Edmond and B.B. King's visitEdit

When B.B. King drops by the Sanford residence after meeting Fred, Lamont, Esther when they performed at the Club Lucifer, Fred, who read B.B.'s biography, when he said in his book that he would "even the score" with the man "who stole his beloved E.W. away from him" when he was a young struggling blues musician years earlier, Fred mistakenly interprets it to be his wife Elizabeth!

Anyway, Esther and Woody drop by, and B.B. and Edmond discover Woodrow to be the guy who "stole" E.W. or Esther from B.B! When Fred mentions to Woody that B.B. said in his book that he would get even with the man who stole who turns out to be Esther from him, B.B., who also remembers, has Edmond return the favor; thinking that he is going to pull out a gun, Fred panicks, and shouts "Ohhhh! Hit the deck!", only to see Edmond pull out B.B.'s checkbook and write out a check for $1,000, as Edmond tells everyone "If it hadn't been for Woodrow, B.B. would never have left St. Louis!"