Dr. Caldwell was a self-professed "physician" wh
Dr. Caldwell Fred Sanford

Dr. Caldwell (Davis Roberts) in scene with Fred (Redd Foxx) in the Sanford and Son episode titled "Lamont Is That You?" (#3.6).

o also worked part-time as a postal worker at the nearby U.S. Post Office. He made house calls while claming to be a doctor.

Fred (Redd Foxx) initally called Dr. Caldwell to diagnose his whiplash claim in the second season Sanford and Son episode titled Whiplash (Season 2, Episode #2). Dr. Caldwell also appeared in the episodes A Guest in the Yard Season 2, Episode 6) and Lamont, Is That You? (Season 3, Episode 6).

Dr. Caldwell, in a funny and ironic twist, chain smoked and had a horrible cough due to the habit. In the episode Whiplash, Fred shouted to him as he was leaving, "Hey, Doc, you'd better go and see a doctor about that cough!"

Dr. Caldwell was played by late veteran character actor Davis Roberts.

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